Hey Everyone!!

Sorry about my tardiness lately!! There has been alot of things going on for me in the last week, but starting this week I am back and will be going as strong as ever!

First thing, Who wants to do a crap free week with me.. !! Everyone is welcome to join! I have started it today for me, and plan on going as long as I can endure not having sugar in my cereal 😉  I am a Rice Krispie fanatic… just LOOOOVE rice krispies and used to load it with sugar but not anymore… I have now switched to FibreOne cereal…which is also very scrumptious! (post a comment if you would like to join it with me)

In other news… I start my training for the Manitoba Marathon Today! I think watching the biggest loser last night really got me into the motivation.. All contestants had to run 13K to win 10G , of course I will not be winning 10G but I will be getting fit and fundraising money for Cancer Research! I work full time at a Hospital here in Manitoba, and we only get 2x 20min breaks and a 1/4 hour lunch.. so during my pitiful breaks, I plans on going on power walks.. and lunch hour relax.. then after work, I’m going to hit the gym hard!

Stay tuned.. I’ll be posting alot today 🙂 Aren’t You Glad I’m Back!


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