I’m trying to work on my blog at home, since I am usually blogging at work (bad habit… really bad habit, I could get busted!! ;)) So I update my “About Me” Page which includes some photos of my before weight.. I really hated to even look at them since that was when I was really depressed and not myself.

So yeah, check it out..

.Music. Updates

Everyone check out the new songs I have added to my Music Page!!

Really helps me with my workouts! Which reminds me, I am heading over to the gym after work for a REALLY good workout, even had some green tea to boost up my energy level! *wish me luck*

WordPress Questions

1. How come I cannot comment on blog supported by blogger.com? ggrr

2. How can I change the layout on this thing, all my options are sooo boring!!

New Blog!

Hello Everyone!!

Ashleyy here. Welcome to my new blog. The whole reason I wanted to have a blog was to gain support in my quest to becoming healthy and fit. My previous blog www.lonelydietgirl.typepad.com was cancelled by myself since I wasn’t up to the amount they wanted me to pay a month!! So here is my new blog. I will be updating it more often as well as adding some new features to it.

So stay tuned and I will have it all up and running shortly!

xoxo lonely diet girl