Delicious Treats!!

Man, did I make the most wonderful treats within the last two days!! I wish I had my camera to show you all just how TASTY they are! I even forgot the recipes at home, so I will have to post them tomorrow since I work again tonight at Fabutan.

The first ones I made were called Peanut Butter Protein Balls, all you add were peanut butter, honey, protein powder, rice krispies and some other ingredients and they reminded me of some cookies my grandmother used to make.

And, today I made Chocolate Almond Protein Balls. They have unsweetened cocoa, protein powder, honey, anddried apricots and you roll them into balls, then roll them around in crushed almonds!! SOOO GOOD!

So I leave you this morning with one of my favorite shows BIGGEST LOSER “Before and After” photos!!



Just look how tiny they got!! This proves that anybody can loose the weight if they REALLY want to!! 🙂

Me and Kyle have our weigh in today, I’m a little nervous since I treated myself to like a tablespoons of peanut butter last night.. so I Maybe I’l walk it all off at lunch!!

OH! and I almost forgot, they are opening a gym here at my work (Hospital) for 16$ a month!! Is that not ridiculious, I am paying 60$ a month at my other gym!! I am totally joining and will go there everyday at lunch!!

CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER! This will hopefully be the first summer in YEARS that I will wear a bathing suit in public.. so excited!

Celebrities Working Out

My boyfriend lost our camera! I now how to depend on other forms to brighten up my posts to give it some more interesting things instead of just food and me rambling on! SO, I love to see photos of celebrities working out, it really makes me feel as though they aren’t perfect, they too have to keep up at the gym and eat healthy to have the bodies they have.

So, I have gathered a few celebs that I like, along with photos of them working out! So enjoy, and please do comment!

First, we have Audrina Partridge! She was spotted in LA @ this new gym that incorporated acrobats! I think Audrina is very fit, she has said it her self that she works out almost everyday to have her body in the shape it is!! *inspiring*


And Next we have Kate Beckinsale, I found a photo of her working out! She is a super mom and drop dead gorgeous!! I hope I look like here when I reach her age!


Last but not least we have a double whammy! Two celebs, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are working out together!! They are very young, so no wonder they are so small but again, even they need to work out!


Anyways, the point of this post is to make everyone look back on themselves and don’t give yourself such a hard time! Everyone needs to work out and eat healty to acquire bodies that you see in magazines! But most of the celebs are usually photoshopped anyways.. SO yah! Happy thinking everyone!


Seriously, can you find a more perfect or prettier person then Megan Fox?? Hot Damn! I really wonder how she manages to stay so thin, or how much she really weighs??… *sigh…with slight drool*

Me Before Dinner!

As promised, this is before we all went to dinner for my friend’s birthday. This is actually the first photo I have taken of myself in a long time.


Celebrity Inspirations

Hello again,

I know everyone secretly is addicted to celebrities. It’s a hard thing to admit for some but not for me, I am totally addicted to celebrities. You would not believe the books and books I have on cut-outs of magazines. I always flip through them when I wanna go shopping to “get me in the mood” (I hate malls so it’s always a challenge for me)

Anywhoo, I went to my friend Rian’s wonderful site called The Skinny Website to check out her daily photos and to my surprise, it was all some of my favorite celebs!!

Here is Jessica Stroup from 90210. When I first started to watch the show I really didn’t approve of her TINY figure, but it has seemed like she has gained a bunch of the weight back and now looks young and healthy!


Here is another 90210 babe, Shenea Grimes. She’s a fellow Canadian (wooppee!) but from everything I have read about her, she seems to have a bit of an attitude, the look on her face doesn’t really “work for her” either! lol


And last but certainly not least is Vanessa Hudgens who I admire so much for her sense of fashion. (but not for her nudy photos = trashy) I know many people aren’t a fan but I really do like her for some reason. I think she’s as cute as a button! 🙂


So yes here is my inspiration for the day. I’m sure I will never be as tiny as they are but I can at least try to look my best 🙂

Just An Update

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about my tardyness and not posting this morning, I was in meetings all day with my boss (total snooze-fest) Anywhoo.. This morning went really well, woke up really hungry!! I knew something must have been working in my tummy!.

So this morning we had a Power Oatmeal & Nut Butter, and I can tell you that it was delicious!! It was packed with cinnamon and my homemade almond butter to top it off!!

We actually just got back from the UWeight Loss Centre and good news, Kyle has dropped 3.5 pounds since Monday and I have lost a Pound!!

Only 11 more pounds to go until I reach my goal weight!!

I leave you this evening with a photo from this Christmas in Bermuda!! Yeah!