Happy Hump Day!

Well, last night me and Ky went for a 45 minute long swim. I am so sore today!! I made sure I ate some protein balls after our workout, and they usually help me to not be sore the next day! But maybe I overdid it.

We basically did laps and laps and .. well more laps! It was actually the first time in a long time where I felt ok walking around the pool in my bikini! It was such an odd feeling! I really could get used to it though!

So my plans for the day include :

*Finish work here at the Hospital.
*Weigh In Time!! – I’m nervous to see if changing up what I’ve been eating and different exercise helped aid my weight loss.
* Pack for Easter Weekend in Ontario!!

I’m leaving Thursday night after working at Fabutan and driving the 4 hours, back to my home town.. I really miss home and my family. I’ll be meetin my brother’s new gf and her son for the first time as well.. *exciting* I haven’t liked his pervious gf’s so it should be interesting.

Is anybody else really protective of thier siblings?

I also get to make up a grocery list of my mom so she can pick me up some goodies so we don’t have to hawl a bunch of food from home. It also takes us a lot shoter of time to go through the States and then drive back up to Canada, so we’re not allowed to even bring alot of items.

What is everyone’s plans for the weeked?!?!

I think we’re going to do alot of walking in the country, and possibly ride some of my horses. I will for sure take a lot of photos with my mom’s camera and then post a ton on here this weekend. Especially with my horses and other pets on the the farm, that I miss so much!

Well, hope you all have a great hump day!!