It’s seems that summer is finally here in chilly Canada. This has been the first week of actual hot summer weather we’ve had!!

I have some crazy days ahead of me.. I guess that’s what you get when you have 3 jobs and a crazy hectic life! I sometimes wonder how my body allows me to stay awake half the time!! I am constantly on my feet and I am always to tired! lol silly me.

So, for the next 2 days I will be working 13 hours days with an hour in between to switch from one job to the next… and then on Thursday after work I am off to Ontario to go on a much needed vacation!! I will be camping with my bf and his sis and her bf so about 4 days!! In complete separation from the world! I figured this would be an excellent way to try and see what a raw diet would be like.

So last night me and Ky went and made a bunch of delicious raw treats so I can still have snacks while I am out there..we made chocolate chip cookies, carob haystacks, cinnamon girls and coconut carob fudge!! They all look amazing and taste pretty darn good, and yes I have totally forgotten about the pictures.. .. ..

BUT I have some great news! I will be completely out of debt in less then 2 weeks and they I plan on buying a really great camera to show you all what I am eating and what great raw treats I can create!

ALSO, I once I get back from my lil camping trip, I will have less then a day to repack my car and pack my best friend and head out to Country Fest!! We’ll be camping there for 4 days (just us girls) we are meeting up with a few other girls as well.. and we’ll party our bumms off for a few days then come home!!

So as you can tell I have a very CRAZY week ahead of me, but I hope in the end I will learn more about myself and actually have some time to relax for once!!

So see you when I get back. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

How Will I Ever Get There??

I ask myself this question so many times, it may just one day make my head spin and fall off.. How will I get there? I read a TON of health related blogs, food blogs, raw blogs…etc and they all give you the best advice. But how many of us actually go out and TAKE the advice given to us!!

After reading a great inspirational blog, I will eat well and excercise one day and by the end of that day, I say to myself “I worked hard today, I deserve to eat a box of doughnuts!” AM I INSANE?? In reality, I haven’t taken any of thier advice at all.. for this I am guitly.

So how do we get back on track when there is no track to follow. How do you program your brain to say no to our addictions. I am addicted to sugar. More then ever I want to be healthy, but I keep making the most horrid decisions!! So how will I ever achieve my goals??

So I came up with a plan. I am going to focus on only a few things at a time so I do not get overwhelmed and quit cold turkey. I am going to do this in a few “simple” steps and hopefully I will start to see a change.

So some Goals I want to accomplish are:

1. Be 100% Vegetarian, I sometimes have meat but it usually never agrees with me, yet I love with stuff my face with cheeseburgers.

2. Look into having a raw diet. Research has shown that a raw diet will cure you of almost all illnesses. I work at a Hospital and most of my nurses and doctors agree with me, that eating clean is the way to go if you have the time to prepare and money for fresh foods.

3. Gym- I have 2 memberships to 2 different gyms. One is at work and one is at home. My goal here is to run 3-4 times during the week at work and then weight 3-4 a week at my other gym..

There, that’s 2 things I want to accomplish. But here is my obsticle. I work 3 jobs, 1 FT and 2 PT. Finding the time to do all of this will be quite a challenging.

I will change my life around and I know it will not happen over night but I am going to give it another shot.

Thanks you all for your support

xoxo Ash

Hiding Does Not Make The Problem Go Away

So here I sit, again..

I am in the same old seat as I used to be. I am depressed. I am binge eating, and I am finding myself getting back to my old state of mind. “Maybe if I don’t eat as much, I’ll be thinner”. I cannot believe I am posting this to the world.. but I fear I need you help more then ever.

I have to break this cycle that women go through!! I want to live a healthy and happy life but all I can think about anymore is how great I would look in a bikini if I really stuck to it.. but then again my outter looks should not be the issue. I have to change how I feel and my self-esteem.

I have suffered through eating disorders, and I do not want to go down that path! It’s scary, depressing and even life threatening. And unfortunately for me, I am an emotional eater! Once I get upset, I eat. If I’m mad I eat.

The most horrid thing about this is that I am not even overweight! Sure I have cellulite and bumps here and there that I try to hide, but I want to love my body and I want to love myself 😥

Sorry I have been gone so long but I am back, I realized I DO need help! Beating out what society’s image of “beautiful” is the hardest thing we ladies have to deal with and I am determined to deal with it head on!!

So, again sorry I have been gone.. but I am happy to be back!

I’m Home!

Hello again,

I finally returned from my trip from Ontatio. Overall, it was a blast!! I met my brother’s new gf and her son. Went fishing, Played board games and did a bit of sight seeing.

Our diet was the hardest thing for me this weekend, since we’re being totally strict on what we eat, we ended up bringing alot of food there with us, and I did ocassionally cheat (so tisk on me)

I won’t be posting as much since the weather is so nice right now! It’s about + 14 out, so it’s not hot but not cold.. possibly might go for a run tonight.

Bought a new camera as well so I will be taking a ton of pictures of me.. and junk..

Take Care*

Hang With Me

Boy,  am I having a hell of a time with this blogging buisness. Switching over to WordPress was simple enough, but I lost everything I had prior. So starting from scratch. Hope to put up some pictures tonight and really work on this thing!!

Does anybody know how to remove these darn snap picture things? really starting to frazzle me out! Help!